Montessori Inspired Christmas List for Baby 2020

Montessori Inspired Christmas List for Baby 2020

It’s that time of the year! Time to get a plan together for gift ideas for our two sweet little Montessori girls. We have a 9 month old (will be almost 12 months by the time Christmas is here- craziness!) and a 3 year old. Our older daughter’s wish list will be in a second post.

When making our Christmas list, I revisit our toy philosophy. We look for toys that are:

  • Open Ended
  • Not loud or obnoxious
  • A natural material or a good quality plastic that is safe (although we try not to do much plastic!)
  • Developmentally appropriate (for where they are today and where they will be in a few months!)
  • Is not a duplicate
  • Falls in line with Montessori (especially if educationally related!)
  • Not electronic (no tablets, games, phones, etc.)

If you are still developing your toy philosophy in your home, are wanting to pair down, or would like to start a toy rotation, I highly recommend reading Simplicity Parenting.

With our 9 month old, we then consider what she will be doing developmentally based on where she is and where she is going. I have been revisiting “Montessori from the Start” along with any information I can digest on Montessori babies.

Our youngest is HUGE into gross motor right now. She just took her first steps holding onto the couch and someone’s hands. She started crawling and pulling up last month. She is very focused on this but still loves to grab the works out on her shelves as well. She is working on the egg in cup and both the palmer and pincer grasp cylinders. We already have a little climber from Lilly and River, a balance board (which we flip over like a bridge and she loves to climb on it!), a stepping stool, and of course couches, chairs, and more that she can pull up on! Since we’ve covered our basis on gross motor at this phase, we will mostly be focusing on fine motor skills for her list.

The Single Circle Puzzle (Similar here)

I may end up giving this to her before Christmas. This is the first of the Montessori puzzles to be introduced. It is introduced once the pincer grasp is mastered. I think she may be ready for it within the next month. I will watch and see. If not, this will be a Christmas gift from us.

Small Single Circle Puzzle (Similar here)

The small single circle puzzle is introduced after the single circle puzzle (above) is mastered.

The Single Square Puzzle (Similar here)

The single square puzzle is the 3rd in the series of single shape puzzles to be introduced. It follows the small single circle.

The Single Triangle Puzzle (Similar here)

This is the 4th in the series of single shaped puzzles and is introduced when the single square puzzle is mastered. We actually got all four as a bundle from Heirloom kids on Etsy. Once the individual puzzles are mastered, you can introduce two at a time and build up to all four. (Similar here)

Stacking Bowls (Similar here and here)

The stacking bowls are introduced at about 10 months and can be stacked face up or face down and provide hours of fun and fine motor skills.

Montessori Rings on a Vertical Dowel (Similar here and here)

Montessori Rings on Horizontal Dowel (Similar here and here)

We actually already own this one from our first. I didn’t do any other traditional baby and toddler Montessori materials other than this with our first baby.

Three Peg Block Toy

Montessori Three Circles Puzzle (Similar here)

Wooden Lawnmower Push Toy

Our baby is ready to walk! She is starting to walk while holding onto hands or furniture. This will be something she will enjoy once she is walking unassisted.

Object Permanence Box (Similar here and here)

We just grabbed this one for our 9 month old. She loves peak-a-boo and is starting to enter the perfect time to introduce this so we decided to grab it before Christmas! This material is typically introduced between 8-12 months but you want to look for the most ideal time for your child.

Object Permanence Box with drawer (Similar here and here)

This one follows the first object permanence box. You want to look for one that’s on an angle like the one pictured above.

Imbucare Box (With Interchangeable lids!)

As I was trying to settle on what imbucare boxes to get and the thought occurred to me that they should make them with interchangeable lids… and I found one! I am excited to add this to our collection.

Ball Tracker (Similar here and here)

Pop up Toy

Fisher Price Stacker

We LOVED this with our first. I like how it is self correcting on order, rocks, and is light. I looked at tons of wooden ones and we will replace the one with a missing piece with the same one we had. None of the others accomplish this. We may do the Grimm Stacker as a gift sometime but it is not for babies nor does it accomplish what I am looking for at this time. This stacker would be introduced at 12+ months following the three ring vertical stacker.

Plan Toys Wooden Nesting Cylinders

Rainbow Ball

Finger paint! This littler girl wants to paint with her older sister so bad. I found a good alternative to traditional paints for her that is safe and ok to eat. (Let’s face it… at this phase everything goes in the mouth!)

We did a little sign language with our fist and intend to with our second. We focused more on language acquisition so once she started speaking we didn’t encourage the signs (only responded if she did them but she stopped on her own when she could speak.) I found this board book to help teach our 9 month old.

Our baby LOVES her indestructible book so I am adding a couple more to her wish list. There are tons to choose from.

Here are a few more books we have on our list!

Wherever You Are

Eating the Rainbow

Tom and Pippo go for a Walk

The Napping House

One Gorilla

Creature Colors

That’s it for our Montessori Inspired Gift List for our 9 month old. What’s on your list this year?

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