All About Litsea Essential Oil

All About Litsea Essential Oil

I am PUMPED that this is the oil of the month. I haven’t taught much about this oil since 2018… seriously! I checked all my educational groups and videos. Nothing! Should be a crime… let’s dive in!

The smell of Litsea essential oil is light, citrusy, clean with a hint of floral. It’s wonderful diffused and is AMAZING for our health. This is an oil that can be used for everything from skin care to boosting our immunity. It’s chemical properties are similar to Melissa essential oil and it has actually been called the “poor man’s Melissa” (it is about half the price!).

This oils has wide variety of uses and just prepping for this post, our make and take, and online video talk in our member group has inspired me to leave it out all month and try to use it daily starting today! It’s sadly one that has collected some dust on my shelf lately. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and preparing for today and tomorrow. I can’t wait to implement it into our wellness routines again!

Just a quick reminder before I dive into uses, essential oils are not a magic pill or quick fix NOR are they medicine. They work with our body’s natural healing process. They help our body function the way it is designed to! In addition to that, I am not a medical doctor nor do I give medical advice. Always work with a trusted medical partner. I highly recommend finding one to partner with that will take holistic outlook on your health and support you in finding the route cause of any illness you may be struggling with.

Now on to ways to use this oil. Let’s start with our skin. Litsea is one that you need to work into your skin care routine especially especially if you are like me and have trouble spots where your pores get clogged. You can use it paired with a carrier oil directly on trouble spots, add a drop to your facial soap, or add to your oil cleansing method. It can also be used along with frankincense for a wonderful skin toner!

Let’s talk about cleansing. Litsea is wonderfully cleansing (all those limonene’s baby!) and is fantastic to use daily internally, in your diffuser to purify the air and in your cleaning spray. I use On Guard Concentrate on everything and my go to to pair it with is Lemon but I am going to be adding Litsea this month to mix it up! I am adding 10 drops to my spray bottle tonight. To use internally do 1-2 drops in a veggie cap or if you enjoy the taste you can add directly to water or tea. To use in the diffuser do 2-4 drops alone or paired with breath or On Guard (more ideas in our customer group training tomorrow!) One more usage idea with cleansing… this is supposed to be a wonderful addition to your natural deodorant. I am going to mix some with my primal pit paste this week as I use it.

Litsea essential oil is wonderful for your digestive system. It is fantastic for both appetite and metabolism support. To use for either, reach for it daily internally (2-3 times a day or as needed) or topically directly on the abdomen (although internal use is most effective with this oil!).

Litsea is the oil of becoming. Reach for it to build courage, belief, receptivity, clarity, open to possibilities, inspiration, energy, and stimulation. Reach for it to combat: self doubt, criticism, fear of rejection, relying on external confirmation, and feeling distracted, blocked, or limited.

This oil does more than I can list here. I highly recommend popping it into pub med and reading through all the studies that have been done it. In addition to showing some awesome and promising properties within scientific studies, it has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine for a plethora of uses. I challenge you to research and see why we are so excited about this oil!

This month only you can get it for FREE with a qualifying Loyalty Rewards Order but it is not available to purchase on at this time in the US Market.

We will dive into more on Litsea and answer all your questions tomorrow during our fun day of EDU in our Essentially Holistic Member Group. Are you in the group? Ask us how to join in!

What’s your favorite way to use Litsea?

Hope this is helpful.