Reflections on planning & organization after 6 weeks

Reflections on planning & organization after 6 weeks

Six weeks ago I shifted a bit in my approach to our homeschool preschool planning and prepping. Perhaps the shift started sooner (with my digital tracking tool + bullet journal) but six weeks ago is when I started *attempting* to prep for the next six months and wrote a lesson plan for the next six weeks. Here’s my update on how that is going, what’s working, and were I still want to improve.


We are year round homeschoolers. It is HARD to prep for the next six months while you are still prepping for the next six weeks. I may not be able to get as ahead as I want until I hold some extra space for prep. I need to turnover the garden beds and prep the fall garden. I also need to get a few things transitioned for the season and get some things done in the house first. Once those items are done (after this week) I am going to pause and time block homeschool prepping in my schedule. That said, I should really give myself some credit. I am not completely last minute with my prep and have been able to be ready the weekend or week before for much of this summer which is truly a breath of fresh air compared to the night before or even the day of. I DIY some projects and print, laminate, and cut out my own three part cards and things.. Sometimes I even write my own. This takes time. I think I would like to have our weeks or days off prep free and some weekends prep free. I am hoping to achieve this by prepping further ahead.

Verdict: I honestly am happier with having things done before the week starts. After this week, I will be able to make more space for prep and this will allow me to have a little buffer with less prep or even (gasp) no prep sometimes. We shall see how it goes.


Planning is a strong suit of mine. Prior to this summer, I planned for the year in outline form and planned quarterly. I shifted this summer (with the start of our new school year) to a yearly outline, six months planning (really looking at my tracking tool + outline to ensure I have ordered materials and such), and more detailed planning for six weeks out. I looked at materials needed for the next year and grabbed or planned DIY’s for what we need for the next six months. So far I am really loving this shift. I feel like I know what comes next in the sequence and can balance this with observations which makes following the child smoother. Less scrambling to get something together or learn a lesson to present.

Verdict: I feel pretty confident with my system and planning at this point. Will continue this format this year I believe.


Since I am such a planner, one might assume that I am organized… I am not. It’s gotten bad ya’ll. My space for the materials out of rotation, books, 3-part cards, posters, etc. is way out of control. That’s one of my projects right now in the house. I plan to have the sun porch functional this week (where I finally consolidated most of my homeschool related things at the beginning of the summer). I am grabbing a shelf or two and am organizing everything by subject and age. I need to decide how to store all my infant materials. I am pulling some sensorial materials that we are done with for now. I have saved most of the boxes that the materials came in so that should be helpful. I’m not 100% sure the best way to store. I think I just need to do it.

Our homeschool space and main living area (one in the same!) stay pretty organized. I do need to add a couple more shelves. I will add a second one like the one we already have and then get a couple from Ikea. We are not close to an Ikea so… we have to make plans to make a trip. I so wish they could find a better way to ship in the US!

I also watched Trillium Montessori’s decluttering challenge and found it helpful. I need to actually hold space to apply what I’ve learned. Highly recommend! Now to put it to work.

Verdict: Main focus in the next couple of weeks.

Game Plan

  1. Organize materials out of rotation
  2. Continue with planning as is
  3. Time block prepping to get further ahead

Let’s see how the next 6-8 weeks go!

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