Montessori Homeschool Materials to Start the 3-6 Classroom

Montessori Homeschool Materials to Start the 3-6 Classroom

As I was looking at my list for items needed for the 2020/2021 school year, I realized that this information might be helpful to others. Especially since there are so many new homeschoolers this year! When we decided to homeschool Montessori Primary (aka 3-6 or preschool depending on what you call it!) we made a plan to spread out the materials over time. It was incredibly overwhelming looking at materials and deciding where to purchase them from initially. I wanted materials that would last for more than one kid and that would be inline with the Montessori Method.

There are four main subjects in the Primary Montessori Classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Mathematics. When you first start the 3-6 classroom, the child will be heavy in practical life. At home, there is much you can do with what you already have BUT there are some things you might want to grab that will make daily life a little more accessible to Montessori Littles. I’ve included the items that were must haves for our home in a separate list at the end of this article. Many of these were purchased for what we call “tot school” which started between 15-18 months until our oldest was ready for 3-6 materials. She still uses these items and will continue to use most of them throughout the 3-6 classroom. (Which will cover traditional Preschool and Kindergarten!)

For order of progression, we used Info Montessori. We also referenced “The Montessori Method” by Maria Montessori “The Absorbent Mind” by Maria Montessori, “The Montessori Toddler” by Simone Davis, and “Montessori Read and Write” by Lynne Lawrence. (This one is best to buy used from another Montessori Mom!)

Here’s our list to get started for Montessori 3-6:

Quick note: We spread these out and get something every month or every other month. If you spend $200 on Kid Advance, you get free shipping. I am not an affiliate with any Montessori brands. We simply have listed exactly what we have bought or are buying. I am an affiliate with Amazon but have only listed exactly what we purchased from there and LOVE.

  1. Cylinder Blocks (1-4)
  2. Pink Tower
  3. Geometric Solids
  4. Colored Tablets (Box 1-3) – We elected just to buy box 2 & 3 because box 1 does not need to be on our selves at the same time.
  5. Brown Stairs
  6. Red Rods
  7. Sandpaper Letters
  8. Moveable Alphabet
  9. Land & Water Globe (Not available on most sites. I may end up DIY’ing)
  10. Continent Globe (Not available on most sites. I may end up DIY’ing)
  11. Land forms (May be doing a DIY)
  12. Geometric Cabinet
  13. Montessori Puzzles: Continent Puzzle, North America Puzzle, USA Puzzle, Botany Puzzles, and Zoology Puzzles – Note: I got most of the puzzles I currently have from Pink Montessori. I LOVE continuity and am pleased with both the puzzles and their prices BUT the geography puzzles are all currently out of stock. I don’t have to purchase until later in the school year so I will update when I grab mine.
  14. Trays – I have a mix of trays so far. I will be adding more eventually. I have two sets of wooden ones. This one (which is unavailable right now… this one is similar) and this one. I also have these plastic ones.
  15. Work Mat(s) – We only have one of these but I’d like to get two more in different sizes plus a basket to store them in.
  16. Shelves – We LOVE these! Will be grabbing 2-3 more plus another shelf for the baby (over this year). Leaning towards this one so that we can use it for other materials and as a bench potentially long term. We also have this shelf for a tot shelf and use it in the girls room.
  17. Montessori Annual Cycle Circle (Seasonal Cycle Mat) – This was designed by some Montessori teachers and is used in some Montessori classrooms. We LOVE ours. Introduced during “Tot School”. We use it in our seasonal work and walk around the sun right now.
  18. Language Objects – These are from Montessori by Mom. LOVED them. Going to explore more of their items this year.
  19. Tons of Schleich Animals (language objects, beginning sound work)

Practical Life Items:

  1. Child Sized Silverware (Regular butter knife)
  2. Butter/Spreader knife (I introduced this as her first knife to do spreading work)
  3. Wavy Chopper
  4. Strawberry Slicer
  5. Small Glass Pitcher
  6. Child Sized Kitchen – We have the Ikea Mini Kitchen and LOVE it. I am back and forth on doing the hack to give it “running” water.
  7. Ikea Bekvam Stool (for use in bathroom or kitchen to reach sink or counter. Also uses in bedroom some.)
  8. Ikea Bolmen Slip Resistant Step Stool (for use at toilet mostly. She uses in hoe when needed too)
  9. Apple Slicer (We are introducing this year and need a new one!)

This is our list for starting and completing the first year of Montessori 3-6. Again, we did not purchase all at once.

What’s on your list? Hope you find this helpful!