Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Ready to learn about essential oils? I’ve been teaching others how to effectively use essential oils for five years now (wow! time flies by) and would LOVE to teach you. Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds distilled from the essence of the plant–basically plant power! You can use them three ways: aromatically, topically, or internally.

These little brown bottles are powerful and POTENT. When you have a good quality essential oil, a little goes a long way! That’s why you only use 1-4 drops at a time.

Can I teach you a little trick? When deciding the best way to use the oils, first, think about where you need support. Next, apply the oils in the most direct manner.

Reach for oils aromatically when you need a breather to catch your breath or to reduce stress. Think: mood, stress, or respiratory support. To use essential oils aromatically you can take some deep breaths directly from the bottle, put a couple drops in your palms and inhale, or you can use a diffuser.

You’ll want to use the oils topically to target specific areas. For example, when you have an upset stomach, tight shoulders, or your joints need some love! 1-4 drops paired with 1-4 drops of a carrier oil is the perfect way to use essential oils topically. A carrier oil literally carries the essential oil to your cells and helps our bodies absorb the oil more efficiently. My favorite carrier oil is fractionated coconut oil. But there are other options that are also great (almond oil or jojaba oil are two other great options!).

You’ll want to use essential oils internally to create a systemic impact. Basically, when you want a whole system shift. Think: boost immunity, metabolism or support the body’s effort in fighting an illness. When applying internally, you can reach for a veggie cap and use 1-4 drops of the oil(s) you need. Other methods of internal use include using the essential oil sublingually or adding directly to a cool beverage. Also, you can utilize pre-made gel caps that contain the oils that you are looking for.

A word of caution, all oils are not created equal. In fact, the supplement community is not highly regulated, which means you can basically put anything in a bottle and call it a 100% pure, oil. Unfortunately, people do. Hence the radically different products and prices at Walmart or Amazon vs. a good quality essential oil like doTerra. The oils at Walmart or Amazon are just perfumes. In contrast, CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) oils are medicinal grade meaning they are safe to use internally. And it isn’t just safe. It is highly recommended by countless health professionals and scientists. (Check out pubmed or grab a good reference text below!) Just be sure to look for the words “Essential Oil Supplement” on the label to check and see if that oil is recommended for internal use.

ALSO – listen to your body. (This may be a skill you have to learn… in western culture we have been encouraged to ignore our body’s signals. I want to invite you to listen to them. They are cues for how to support ourselves most effectively!) We always start with the essential oil that is most effective for both the reason we are reaching for it and the most people. Grab a good reference text (my favorites are at the bottom of this post!) A good one is full of scientific evidence and will have the studies listed in the back! This will help you when deciding what to start with when finding what your body most needs. It’s a starting point. And when used effectively (don’t worry, we will teach you!) it is the most impactful for the most people BUT occasionally we need to try more than one to find the right personalized fit. Biodiversity plays a role here!

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Now tell me. How do you want to feel? (Or not feel) Do you want less pain? More energy? Immune boost? Metabolic support? Less stress? Anxiety? This will be a good starting place to deciding the very best oils to start with.

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