Australia/Oceania Unit

Australia/Oceania Unit

We did this unit at the end of summer and it spilled into fall a bit. Both the girls really loved it. We do a lot of unit studies (both planned and unplanned!) in our home and follow the Montessori Scope and Sequence for both Primary (age 3-6) and Secondary (age 6-12). We went into this unit study a bit differently. We started with the Coral Reef Biome (we naturally led into it from our shore unit we did – most of which is on Instagram… I need to post about that one as well!) and then moved into Oceania/Australia. We covered the region (Oceania) but focused primarily on the continent of Australia this go around. We had two additional mini units as a part of this one: koalas & kangaroos. I *think* I have listed all of our resources and activities below BUT I may have forgotten something. We did a lot with this one. It lasted about 6 weeks total? And was still getting selected from the shelves after the unit was over.

Resources & Activities

1 – Australia and Oceania Unit Montessori Kiwi – This more for upper elementary and is one we will cycle back to. I used it for myself to prepare to study this region and continent. We also used the map of Australia for the parts of Australia activity. I am actually grabbing the full bundle– It is on sale today! (I currently have the Introduction to Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia – Montessori Inspired Geography one from a Mega Bundle)

2 – Biomes of Australia- Trillium Montessori (Freebie!)

We didn’t spend as much time in the biomes as I assumed we would. Maybe that’s because we had already done the Great Barrier Reef Unit beforehand? There was some interest in the desert biome. We had a grammar may with this as well I believe… I’m going to add to these for the next time we pull out our Australia Unit. They are a great starting point though!

3 – Parts of a Koala – Montessori Nature Freebie – 3 part cards

4 – Koala Anatomy – from a Mega Bundle – So Simple A Beginning matching and reading

I can’t find the original source. Here are several similar items on Teachers Pay Teachers.

5 – Izzy’s Koala World (Netflix)

6 – Vet play (specific to koalas inspired by Izzy’s Koala World)

7 – Map of Koala + Koala Info – National Geographic Kids – Geography, writing, and reading

8 – National Geographic Koala Magazine Article

9 – Marsupials by Nic Bishop

10 – Dramatic play as kangaroos and koalas

This is great for checking understanding without checking and reinforcing lessons. Much of the time this is self initiated. I rarely have to participate or start this sort of play in our home. I provide open ended items such as blocks and play silks and this is often all they choose to use for this. Sometimes we use natural items outside.

11 – Parts of a Kangaroo (Trillium Montessori Freebie)

12 – Kangaroo documentaries

All about Koalas for Kids: Free School & Wild Kratts

13 – Desert Biome Language Mat – Part of a Mega Bundle – Little Hands Learn

14 – Coral Reef Language Mat (used the most) – Montessori Inspired Co.

15 – Nation Geographic Coral Reef reader (highly recommend!)

16 – Australia and Oceania (A True Book: The Seven Continents)

17 – Coral Reef Math, Sensorial, and practical life (from a Cuban family Coral reef Unit – This was another Mega Bundle Find!) – I thought we would get into the sudoku puzzles but we didn’t. Mrs. 6 is beyond the math here but Miss 3 really enjoyed the patterns, matching work, and sowing work. She even got into the cutting strips. Both girls were drawn to this work but it was definitely Miss 3’s jam this year.

For our oldest we just stuck to the traditional Montessori math sequence as opposed to making it on theme.

18 – Ready to Read Australia (another great reader!)

Both girls love having a mix of their own lessons and group learning. Most (if not all) of our read aloud, story telling, and dramatic play falls into group learning. My baby even loves to listen and play for a time. We also do art and things as a group.

I hope to get back into recording our work this way but for now it is a mix of blogging, Instagram, and Google Docs (would love to share more on our digital portfolio if you are interested!) Happy Monday all!