Wildfire Mini Study

A big part of our homeschool is exploring and studying the world around us. A topic that continues to pop up and has recently impacted us more is the wild fires burning in Canada. The smog has looked like a haze in our area and yesterday we officially had our first air quality alert. The girls and I really feel it in our sinuses today and we’ve chosen to be mostly indoors. Today the girl’s had a ton of questions SO we paused our creation study (just for the morning) and learned about wildfires and the subsequent air pollution.

First we started with NBC’s Nightly news, Kid’s edition. Before diving in we discussed reliable sources. This is an ongoing conversation in our home. I also went through what the news is because we don’t watch our news much. We prefer to read it. After we watched, we discussed the air quality, AI, and any questions they had.

We looked at maps of where wildfires occur globally, where the Canadian wildfires are, and maps of current air pollution from the Canadian wild fires.

We also watched these videos:

I’ve grabbed this reader from Nat Geo (should be here tomorrow):

I am also entertaining grabbing this resource OR making my own. I’ll add this to our shelves if we are still craving info after reading about it.

Have you studied wildfires in your home this year?