Six Weeks Detailed Lesson Plan Summer II

Six Weeks Detailed Lesson Plan Summer II

Update: I bumped Australia to September, took a week completely off in July and made more space for summer themed studies in August! If it is a strikethrough item listed, it is getting bumped as well.

This summer has been so fun already! I honestly can’t believe it is July. It has really gone by quickly for us. So far we’ve done a little of our My Body Unit that we’ve been sprinkling in throughout the calendar year and our summer unit. Part of our summer unit included a strawberry and trout mini units that the girls loved! We’ve also used, “The Children’s Forest” alongside our summer unit.

We are leaning hard into our language work and taking our time with the math sequence at this point. In the Montessori math progression we are half way through what I’ve dubbed “unit 1“. We started with lots of review and have done a mix of new lessons and practice work on the shelves.

July 11, 2022

Unit – Summer (overlaps with previous week)

  • Sound Games
  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Read Aloud
  • Storytelling
  • Letter Families
  • Writing on Chalkboard with lines
  • Tracing Work
  • 3 part cards
  • Plant Study
  • Bodies of water
  • Soil
  • Summer Trees (deciduous)
  • Sequencing work
  • Tens Board + Golden Beads
  • Adding and Subtracting (cards and counters or Beads)
  • Sunshine Weaving Work
  • Sundial
  • Getting Dirty (Waseca)
  • Sand and Clay (Waseca)
  • Layers of the Soil (Waseca)
  • Tot School: Count and Stick leaves on tree (both?)
  • Tot School: cutting work set up in kitchen (invitation to cut!)
  • Tot School: Sorting Biggest to smallest
  • Tot School: Cutting work with scissors (set up for both)
  • Tot School: 10 board
  • Tot School: sorting by color

July 18, 2022

Unit – Bee *Started but did not get past Bumble Bees*

  • Sound Games
  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Read Aloud
  • Storytelling
  • Writing on Chalkboard with Lines
  • Building Large Numbers with Golden Beads
  • Making ten bee puzzle/game
  • Adding with Cards and counters bee style
  • Building numbers with bees (if interested and after 2 days of large numbers)
  • Bee facts
  • Bee books
  • Bee observation
  • 3 part cards (types of bees)
  • Anatomy of the Bee
  • Tot School: Bee and Hive play (both)
  • Tot School: Cutting work (scissors)
  • Tot School: Carrying Sharp object (scissors)
  • Tot School: Carrying a Chair

July 25, 2022

Unit – Lightning Bugs/Firefly Unit (Bumped to August)

  • Sound Games
  • Moveable Alphabet
  • Read Aloud
  • Storytelling
  • Writing on paper/copy work
  • Snake Game
  • 3 part cards (anatomy of a lightning bug)
  • Lightning Bug Lifecycle
  • Male and female identification
  • Count and Clip Cards
  • Cutting/Writing Practice
  • Collect and observe
  • Fact cards
  • Tot School: Lightning Bug Play (both)
  • Tot School: Cutting Bananas
  • Tot School: Washing Dishes

August 1,2022

Unit – Australia (Bumped Australia Unit to September – Bee Unit this week!)

  • Object Box 1
  • Addition with Golden Beads
  • Map of Australia/Oceania (Continent and Region)
  • Animals of Australia
  • Australia Spelling Activity
  • Australia/English Food Comparison
  • Addition Bar Graph Activity
  • Sequencing Activity (both)
  • Animal Writing Sheet + Moveable Alphabet OR Sandpaper Letters
  • Aboriginal Dot Painting (3 Part Cards and Creating Our Own)
  • Images of Australia and Pacific Islands
  • Tot school: matching pictures (3 part cards)
  • Tot School: Map painting (both)
  • Tot School: matching objects to pictures (safari or Schleich animals)

August 8, 2022

Unit – Australia – Biomes (Bumped to September – Bee Unit this week!)

  • Activity Words
  • Linear Counting/Chains of 100 & 10,000
  • Biomes of Australia (Me or Trillium Montessori?)
  • Australia Biome Map Watercolor Activity (both)
  • Parts of a Kangaroo
  • The Outback (Biome Exploration and Play + Grammar Farm Style Presentations)
  • Labeling Australia Style
  • Animal Writing Sheet
  • General Australia still on the shelf
  • + and – clip cards on the shelf
  • Tot School: matching pictures (3 part cards)
  • Tot School: pouring dry beans
  • Tot School: Watercolor tray

August 15, 2022

Unit – Australia – Koala mini (Bumped to September – Lightening Bug Unit this week!)

  • Object Box 2?
  • Golden Beads Multiplication? Or more play with Linear Counting/Chains of 100 & 1,000
  • Koala Fact Sheet
  • Anatomy of the Koala
  • Koala Habitat (both)
  • Eucalyptus Tree anatomy and leaf study
  • Eucalyptus oil/medicinal use of Eucalyptus + sensory exploration
  • Poetry and copy work
  • Art Study (2 paintings; both)
  • How to draw a koala (both)
  • Tot School: Matching pictures
  • Tot School: Sweeping

Looking Ahead:

  • Australia unit: Great Barrier Reef Study
  • My Body Unit: Nervous System (two weeks)
  • Fractions (sensorial exploration)
  • Coins Unit
  • Fall Equinox September 21
  • Grammar Farm