DIY Montessori Cards and Counters

DIY Montessori Cards and Counters

We have not yet started the Montessori 3-6 Math Materials in our home but we LOVE counting so I have included DIY Montessori Cards and Counters on the shelf on and off. The counters are popular (for a bit!) but not the cards. We are not in the sensitive period for math yet but I think we are nearing it. Traditionally, this material comes after the concept of zero. We will either DIY or grab a wooden version when it is time to introduce. For now, these have been fun and would totally work in place of the cards and counters if they are not in budget! If I DIY these for long term use, I would pick a set of numbers and laminate them so they would hold up for more than one use (and child!) Also, I would be presenting them a little differently. We have just used them to organically count at this point. I say the number symbol’s name and lay the card beside the counter(s) that go with it on occasion.

Fish as Counters – from our Ocean Unit in Tot School – 2019! Here we worked on quantities of 1, 2, and 3.

Clovers as Counters – from our St. Patrick’s day work in the Spring of 2020! Here we worked on quantities of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Counting Raindrops – This is from our Weather Unit from Spring 2020. We had SO much fun with this. Counting Raindrops was a HIT! I didn’t incorporate cards with this but you could easily add them if your child is ready for them.

Ballet Slippers as Counters -This is from the lovely Dance Unit we did this past fall. We got this from the Preschool Ballet Bundle from Green Urban Creative BUT it’s currently not available. If it is added back to the shop, I’ll update the post!

Nature Counters! We’ve used sticks, leaves, flowers, clovers, bark, etc. Anything!

The very best thing you can do with your under 4 child is COUNT ALL THE THINGS! Have fun. Count everything you can and let go of the child counting to a certain number (unless they want to) or recognizing numbers. Focus on the concrete (quantities of objects) and you will give them the foundation to understand the abstract when they are ready.

Have you DIY’d or used something as “counters” in your home?

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