Phonetic Readers for Beginning Readers

Phonetic Readers for Beginning Readers

In our homeschool, we are using the Dwyer approach (and supplementing with Waseca!) to teaching both reading and writing. In preparation for this, I am making some of our readers (for fun plus I want the girls to see me create through writing and drawing and be inspired/freed to create on their own as well!) but I do want to also have a few sets of readers that are fun but help the girls practice their new decoding skills. What we were looking for were readers that are compatible to AMI/Dwyer’s approach to implementing the Montessori method for the English language (Montessori was Italian so her method needed to be adjusted for each language).

Here’s what we have curated so far:

  1. Free Beginning Readers by Barbara Furst (AMS Certified Montessori Primary Teacher – 3-6 Classroom)
  2. Miss Rhonda’s Readers
  3. Peacekeeper Series on Montessori Services
  4. Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Practice Readers (If I can find them used!)
  5. Bob Readers (Maybe. Especially if I can’t find the above readers!)
  6. Scholastic Beginning Readers (Added to the mix when she is ready! We’ve read them together and she has really had fun with them. These will be great when she has a little reading under her belt.)
  7. Fly Leaf Publishing Books To Remember (Might add this one as well when she is ready as well!)

Want to read more about Beginning Readers that pair well with Montessori? Here are some great reviews and recommendations that I have utilized:

This post from What DID We Do All Day was my jumping point. She archived her website but you can still view it (currently) on web archive.

The Kingdom of the Pink Princesses hosts the free readers referenced above. She shares more about using Dwyer’s method in her home as well as Dwyer Reading Folders and Phonogram Dictionary freebies.

This post from Trillium Montessori has a TON of references.

I also found this post from How We Montessori helpful.

Hope this helps you on your homeschool journey! Happy Reading Journey!