Butterfly Unit Montessori Style

Butterfly Unit Montessori Style

This is our second year doing a butterfly unit. It has been such a popular work on our shelf for two years. I think we will build on this again in the future! Last year’s butterfly unit was quite fun. I had a butterfly mobile for our then infant and a few works for our then 3 year old. You can read about it here. This year’s butterfly unit reviewed and built upon last years.

Butterfly Lifecycle

We watched our own Painted lady Caterpillars (that we were gifted from Insect Lore!) grow from caterpillar to butterflies and then released them into the wild. We have 2-3 that come to visit us currently. We like to think they might be the ones we released.

In Addition to this, we used 3 part cards, Safari Toob Butterfly Lifecycle, a life cycle mat and a puzzle. The puzzle wasn’t a hit but the other works were chosen independently regularly.

Parts of the Butterfly

We used our parts of the butterfly puzzle from Kid Advance (also available here) to introduce the basic parts of the butterfly (plus all that fine motor work!) then we added to this with our three part cards from Trillium Montessori.

Types of Butterflies

Safari Toob Butterflies plus Three Part Cards (DIY/Freebie!)

Butterflies of West Virginia Poster and Three Part Cards (DIY/Freebie!)

Other Butterfly Activities

Butterfly Color Matching With Safari Toob Butterflies and Color tablets box 3

Butterfly 1:1 matching cards from Eltern Von Mars

Butterfly Anatomy Poster Green Urban Creative

Butterfly Stickers (Only $1.99!)

Butterfly pin punching (DIY with large push pin; I just traced our butterfly puzzle.)

Butterfly books

A Butterfly is Patient” by Dianna Huts Ashton & “From Caterpillar to a Butterfly” by Harper Collins graced our shelves again this year. Both were a hit and were in the reading rotation for at least 3 weeks… maybe longer!

Nature Journaling

This is something new for us that we have done on and off this summer but she has chosen to draw butterflies that we have seen a few times. She even enjoyed doing a guided art video on drawing the black swallowtail butterfly.

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